In my practice I generate sculpture, performance and immersive events. These are lightly held or fused together using humble and often reversible processes. The outcomes of these processes are fragile and contingent, so that the work emits a vulnerable human presence. This gives a sense that the work has been made by an outsider, encountering and repurposing the knowledge and artifacts of humanity. I am drawn to public land, disused and anachronistic sites. These are often the impetus for the work, which is closely related to territory, thresholds, markings and ritual. I embed events and occurrences in these secluded places, often at dusk or after dark. These sites become resonant arenas for gestures of poetic politics. The practice I have developed is intended to open on to the wider state of things. It is permeable to history, but also to an innate sense of what it is to be human; to desire, to experience and to play.